My Father's Land is a feature documentary, which explores the life of Papa Jah, a humble Haitian Bushman. Papa Jah has lived in the Bahamas for 40 years, in a marginalized community called the Mud. As a strict deportation policy and growing xenophobia sweeps the country, news from Haiti arrives that his 103-year-old father has taken ill. Papa Jah risks his tentative legal immigration status, and returns to Haiti, the land he left behind, in hopes to reunite with his father; before it’s too late. Juxtaposed against the strikingly rich visual texture of the Caribbean, this travel adventure story entertains through humor, intimate cultural spaces and vivid landscapes, while touching on socio­economic complexities of immigration, culture and identity.

Documentary. Directed by K. Tyler Johnston & Miquel Galofre. Bahamas/Haiti. 55minutes. Creole and English with English subtitles. 


Kingston Crossroads is an exciting and intimate journey through Kingston’s contemporary roots reggae scene discovering moving personal life stories that are driven by various challenges. Connected through Rastafari and roots music, several fascinating characters present their perspectives on Jamaican society, politics and major ongoing topics like repatriation. How will roots reggae music and Rastafari culture develop? What are the important changes Jamaica will have to face as a country? These issues form the Kingston Crossroads, the place where old and young generations, unique story lines and inspiring visions meet.

Documentary. Directed by Jonas Schaul and Oliver Becker. Germany/Jamaica. 75 minutes. 

Written by Kim Johnson, the 90-minute docu-drama, PAN! Our Music Odyssey, is a feature length steelpan film based in Trinidad and Tobago, and aimed at local and regional markets, as well as international theaters and film festivals. Follow the re-enacted vignettes of pivotal moments in the pre-history and history of pan from 1820 to 1963, from the banning of slave drum dances, to the first Panorama, with today’s “reality” narrative of the competition, in which various pan players from Trinidad and Tobago and abroad join the bands to prepare for the big stage.

Docu-drama. Directed by Thierry Teston. Trinidad and Tobago. 90 minutes. 


The Return [El Regreso] is the story of a delightful and life-changing journey back to Costa Rica. After living 10 years in New York, 30 year-old Antonio returns to San José where he is forced to deal with the realities he ran away from. He is welcomed by his intense sister, Amanda-whose husband recently abandoned her-and their young son Inti-who is apprehensive about Antonio’s presence. When things take an unexpected turn, Antonio is forced to remain home far longer than he had anticipated. Add in the comedy of Antonio finding out that his best friend is the lead singer of a death metal rock band and sprinkle in the rekindling of a childhood romance and you have the ingredients of a superb film.

Feature. Directed by Hernán Jiménez. Costa Rica. 95 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles. 

Bernadette, a single mother in Paris, tries to provide her daughters with everything. She is thrilled when her eldest daughter, Elza, is the first in the family to graduate from college earning a master's degree summa cum laude. But Elza breaks her mother's heart by running away to their native Guadeloupe in search of a distant childhood memory: the father she barely remembers. This feature debut by writer/director Mariette Monpierre offers an unusual insider's view of lush island culture as she captures the passion and contradictions of this family.

Feature. Directed and Written Mariette Monpierre. Guadeloupe. 80 minutes. French and Creole with English subtitles. 




Gina and Gerald are scared to lose the love that they share and will go to magical lengths to save it with devastating consequences.The Knot is a short magical realism film, based on a true story of manufactured love gone wrong.

Short Film. Written, Directed, and Produced by Davina Lee. St. Lucia. 15 minutes.